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Brent Jacobs has been helping Small Business Owners for over a year now establishing himself and being recognized as an expert on Google Ads and SEO.

His accomplishments speak for themselves. In just a 3 year window he...

  • Sold over $13 million through Google Ads...
  • Helped over 132 Businesses Get their First $50K a Month…
  • And scaled his business to multi-millions of dollars a year selling just Google Ads!

And now, you can access his TOP-SECRET Google Ads Mastery Template - the EXACT systems and formulas he’s using to run his own Google Ads- for a ridiculously low price. If you have a small business (Or you want to start one) and need an immediate flow of customers? Keep reading...

Brent's Results aren't typical, and we are by no means implying that after you buy the "Google ads mastery" you'll become a millionair or have similar results! However, Brent Will teach you everything he has learned by his 8 years of trial and error, booking results for their clients.

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I’ve Invested Over $8 MILLION In Paid
Advertising To Perfect This Google AdsFramework…

I've Been Helping Small Businesses For Almost A DECADE

NOTHING, and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, helped me scale my business as much as Google Ads does.

When It comes to marketing, and helping small businesses? I've seen it all! I have been helping small businesses for almost a decade now. I literally started my business on a few blogspots, with $0 in my pocket.

Trust me... At this point, I have seen it all...

Starting with $0, I had to be creative and test EVERYTHING, and of EVERYTHING I have tested... and tried, NOTHING was and Is as effective and consistent as Google ads.

Once I figured out how to run my ads properly? NOTHING was as effective and helpful in scaling my business, as Google ads Is.

I drove over $13M in Revenue in the last 2 years alone
I Helped over 132 Businesses Reach their first $50K Month
I Bring in over 724 238 Clicks a Year from my ads.
I turned over 427 Campaigns Profitable This Year Alone

But yeah... Nothing helped me scale my business as quickly and as efficiently as Google ads did. 

Once you figure out the settings? It's Amazing.


Here's exactly what you're getting...

Instant access to A Step-By-Step Mini Course Where I set up a Campaign WITH YOU!
Bonus #1: Our Personal Prompts We use To Speedrun Ads
Bonus #2: A Guide that teaches you how to audit & Optimize Your Ads!
Bonus #3: How To Scale Your Ads and go From a "Winning" Ad to a BOOMING Ad.

Let Me Walk You Through Setting Up Your FIRST PROFITABLE Google Ads Campaign

(All You Have To Do Is Follow My 5-Step Framework)

Step 1 : Campaign Objective

When you start your Google Ads Campaign, you're faced with a lot of potential campaign objectives, and while It does all seem straightforward...

...Picking the wrong objective is one of the biggest causes for an extremely high cost per click, as well as an extremely high cost per conversion!

In the Google Ads Mastery, you'll learn:

Which Objective to pick, and IT IS NOT what you think!
How to get sales, even without picking the sales objective
Why the sales objective won't work!

I'll teach EXACTLY this, in literally the first video...

Step 2 : Selecting Keywords!

One of the biggest mistakes I see business owners make, is literally just copy pasting all the keywords they can come up with, and putting these in the targetting box, so that they appear for relevant keywords.

While on paper, this sounds good...

...It, unfortunately, is not how things work. Google has certain Keyword types and certain approaches and setting up the right keywords is ESSENTIAL!

In Step 2 of the Google Ads Mastery Program, you'll learn:

Picking the Keywords That Actually Make Money
Setting up your ads so you actually appear for relevant terms
Why Putting ALL the keywords in the keyword box, just doesn't work
My PERSONAL Approach to Keywords that I USE to book my clients a bucket load of money!

I'll teach EXACTLY this, in literally the Second Step...

Step 3 : Fixing Your Ads Settings

When you start to run ads, initially, you'd like to get done as quickly as you can. So, you speed-run your way through them, and now you're suddenly paying WAY more than you should, rendering your Google Ads pretty much useless.

A lot of the Google Ads settings are there to make Google Money, and knowing which settings to use, and which pittfalls to avoid will help you not only run profitable ads but Safe a LOT of money.

In the 3rd step you'll learn:

Where to Show your ads
Avoid having your ad show up in different states despite selecting your location
What Kind of Ads to Run

I'll teach EXACTLY this, in literally the Third Step...

Step 4 : How To Write Your Headlines

If you are like me? You are probably not much of a copywriter, hell... I am not much of a writer period, and neither are a lot of people who do their ads themselves.

Though, just writing random sentences that you can come up with or having Chatgpt write you some headlines, just doens't cut it.

Instead, here is what you'll learn with the Google Ads Program:

My Formula For writing Headlines in less than 10 minutes!
How to Optimize your headlines for INTENT!
How to Apply Urgency
How to Build Authority With Your Headlines

I'll teach EXACTLY this, in literally the 4rd Step...

Step 5 : Budget & Bidding

Running your ads, and finalizing them often comes ends with selecting the budget, and one of the most common questions I get is: "How much do you recommend"? And what are we actually paying for?

A lot of people are clueless when It comes to selecting a Bidding Strategy or putting in place a budget, and can you blame them?

They want to make money!

If It makes enough money, then the budget doesn't matter, right?

It does!

In this program you'll learn:

Which Bidding Strategy To Select
The Budget You Should Use
How The Different Bidding Strategies Work

I'll teach EXACTLY this, in literally the 5Th Step...


Here's exactly what you're getting...

Instant access to A Step-By-Step Mini Course Where I set up a Campaign WITH YOU!
Bonus #1: Our Personal Prompts We use To Speedrun Ads
Bonus #2: A Guide that teaches you how to audit & Optimize Your Ads!
Bonus #3: How To Scale Your Ads and go From a "Winning" Ad to a BOOMING Ad.

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