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Excerpt from the TikTok Ad Masterclass

The Ford Method is a strategy for maximizing creative output by breaking the creative process into modular components. Rather than thinking of an ad as a singular entity, the Ford Method breaks it up into smaller parts, such as opening hooks, text overlays, and outros.

Modular Components

The key to the Ford Method is creating modular components that can be shot independently and then connected to tell a cohesive story. For example, instead of shooting 16 unique ads, you can shoot four core ads and then shoot four different opening hooks for each ad. By combining each hook with each ad, you end up with 16 unique combinations.

Creating a Dedicated Workspace

To stay productive while implementing the Ford Method, it is important to create a dedicated workspace. This can be a desk, a table, or any area that is specifically designated for work. Having a dedicated workspace helps to create a sense of structure and routine, which can help to increase focus and productivity.

The Ford Method Tracker

The Ford Method Tracker is a collaborative sheet used by the creative team to prioritize and track their video ideas. The sheet includes fields for video ideas, types of videos, opening hooks, record by date, video status, client approval, notes from the client, and finished creative. The Ford Method Tracker also includes a section for modular components, such as text overlays and headlines.

Consistent Naming Conventions

To make the Ford Method work effectively, it is important to have consistent naming conventions. This can help to keep track of ads and make it easier to optimize them. A consistent naming convention can include information such as the campaign, the media buyer, the objective, the budget type, the start date, the targeting, and the ad content.

What’s Next?

The Ford Method is a game-changing strategy for maximizing creative output. By breaking the creative process into modular components, you can dramatically increase your creative output while minimizing the amount of work required. To implement the Ford Method effectively, it is important to create a dedicated workspace, use the Ford Method Tracker, and have consistent naming conventions.

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